What does each person carry ‘on board’?

One of the traditions in a sailing star raft is that when boats tie up together in community, people share what they carry ‘on board’. These small acts of generosity and hospitality gradually build companionship and a sense that we’ve arrived in a ‘sweet place’.

Every person, no matter how young or old, rich or poor, ‘carries’ interests, skills, capacities, hopes and dreams, personal qualities, and even ‘burning questions’. Our teacher John McKnight once said, “A great community is one that systematically identifies and mobilizes the gifts and capacities of every single person”, and the question, “What does this person ‘carry on board’?” begins that process of identifying those gifts and qualities.

We have spent some time ‘teasing out’ what might be meant when we talk about what someone carries on board, and these are some of the answers we’ve come up with:


As we begin to have these conversations and track what we’re learning, we discover that we live in a context of great potential abundance … once we decide to share.

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