About the Star Raft

The Star Raft is a robust pattern for building personal support networks that are person-centered, family-friendly and anchored in natural community connections.

We’ve been developing, sharing and teaching the pattern for a few years now, helping families, community partners, and professional allies build circles of support that are creative, connected, and enduring.

Star Raft circles are independent of ‘systems’.  They’re free, anchored in the authentic community, and definitely focused on action:

  • They help individuals and families clarify their objectives and create a strong sense of direction;
  • They systematically identify and mobilize the skills, capacities and interests of the focus person and everyone else involved;
  • They ‘follow the threads’ of the focus person’s interests and capacities in the direction of companionship, connection and contribution;
  • They engage community partners who have standing in and can provide access to workplaces, learning spaces and community associations where a person’s presence and contributions will be understood and valued; and
  • They sustain involvement over time by continually working on a flow of new membership into the group.

This site is designed to get the Star Raft community fully connected and working on the web.  We’ll start out by posting the components of the pattern, add a set of introductory videos, add links to people and places that are already using the pattern (or similar patterns), and share a growing ‘toolkit’ of ideas, techniques and strategies that can be used any time, anywhere.

We want to make this site as collaborative, interactive and connected as possible – so pitch in with your comments, reflections, and ideas.  You can also subscribe to a news feed that will send you a short email when there’s new content.  Welcome aboard!

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